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Message started by Administrator on 03/08/08 at 02:21:56

Title: Norms and rituals in Cyberspace
Post by Administrator on 03/08/08 at 02:21:56
My Master studies at the University of Oslo

Some critics say that Internet is without norms, and that it is exterritorial. Is it any empirical data behind this theory, or does it exist equal social mechanism in Cyberspace, as it does in the physical room? This research question is interesting to study, because Cyberspace as well as the infrastructure Internet, is developed under the ideology of openness and freedom, which at the same time make it vulnerable for commercial benefit and a danger for personal rights.

Please give your ideas and comments about the topic!
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Title: Re: Norms and rituals in Cyberspace
Post by Administrator on 09/07/08 at 22:42:03

The new Disney Pixar movie WALL-E is a real ingenious piece of work. I saw this movie at the largest THX cinema in the world: Colosseum in Oslo!

The sound it selves was not the most overwhelming, but rather the combination of IQ and EQ. The movie proves in a satisfactory manner that Artificial Intelligence, abbreviate AI, doesn’t works properly without reason. Many of the robots learned this, in the outer space. This is an evidence of that distance learning might work!

IMDb – Wall-E’s Plot  :-?

Title: Re: Norms and rituals in Cyberspace
Post by Administrator on 09/16/08 at 03:20:23
Is this the dream woman, or does AI fails again?

The newspaper The Sun promises an AI robot which actually works:

SHE is the perfect wife, with the body of a Page 3 pin-up and housekeeping skills that put TV’s Kim and Aggie to shame.

They claim that she can even read a map, and will never, ever, nag. After I saw the movie, this is not quit true. Aiko said that Internet is a world wide network based on TCP/IP protocols. But she also replied to the question that she had big breasts that he should stop teasing her, and that she’s not his personal slave! Perhaps AI now works after all?

External link to Inventor builds his perfect woman - a robot who cleans and won’t nag (The Sun).

Title: Re: Norms and rituals in Cyberspace
Post by Administrator on 01/23/09 at 23:13:33
News from TecCrunch

The social utility Facebook, which according to Facebook connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them, was visited in November 2008 of each fifth user online.

They drew 200 million unique worldwide visitors this month. In December this increased to 22% of the total Internet audience, which is 222 million unique visitors, visited the web site. According Tech Crunch, Facebook is now the world’s default social network!

About Facebook:
Location: Palo Alto, California, United States
Founded: February 1, 2004
Funding: $516M

Outbound URL

Title: Re: Norms and rituals in Cyberspace
Post by Administrator on 03/02/09 at 01:53:07
Facebook lets users comment on new terms of service

When Facebook tries to change their terms of service to keep permanent control over people's personal information even after they quit the site, thousands of people are reacting angrily. Facebook say this is because it is difficult to remove all content from the web. Critics say that commerce may be dangerously for your personal rights.

Whatsoever, Facebook was reverting to their old terms of service. Facebook members will be able to suggest new proposals and opine on them. Facebook said:

From now on, the social networking site will be guided by a set of principles that reflect its dedication to transparency and openness in communication

External link to the source: Reuters - Anupreeta Das (2009-02-26).
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Title: Re: Norms and rituals in Cyberspace
Post by Administrator on 05/15/09 at 04:23:30
Iterative news (Electronic Police State 2008)

When we ask ourselves however internet is exterritorial or not, it may be useful to watch further on virtual domains. Many folks talks about the Chinese wall, as a giant Norton wall. But new reports show us that China is far from alone. The website Criptohippie USA says:

Most of us are aware that our governments monitor nearly every form of electronic communication. We are also aware of private companies doing the same. […]

The most surprising, as we have talked about the Swedish FRA law, which is monitoring Norwegian internet traffic, the report from Cryptohippie says Norway comes out at 22nd place. Sweden comes out at 34th place and Poland, where I did my observations, comes out at 32nd.   

Links to Cryptohippie

Title: Re: Norms and rituals in Cyberspace
Post by Administrator on 06/04/09 at 22:42:00
Time Spent on Facebook up 700 percent

These days applications in social utilities update each other so you spend less time on each utility. As a paradox Facebook has increased 699 percent of minutes online.

Rank Site Apr-08 Total Minutes (000) Apr-09 Total Minutes (000) Year-over-Year % Growth
1 Facebook 1,735,698 13,872,640 699
2 7,254,645 4,973,919 -31
3 Blogger 448,710 582,683 30
4 29,858 327,871 998
5 7,865 299,836 3712
6 MyYearbook 131,105 268,565 105
7 LiveJournal 54,671 204,121 273
8 LinkedIn 119,636 202,407 69
9 SlashKey N/A 187,687 N/A
10 Gaia Online 173,115 143,909 -17


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