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Title: Genealogy
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If you have any information about Liavaag or Strømsborg, go no further than this. This is it, this is where you can empty your pockets and tell the world about your ancients’ history...

Info at

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Title: Re: Genealogy
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Mount Liavaag

Mount Liavaag is located 77°22′S 86°29′W, between Mount Holmboe and the Holth Peaks near the northern end of the Sentinel Range in the Ellsworth Mountains of Antarctica. The mountain is 1820 metres high, and is administered under the Antarctic Treaty System. Mount Liavaag was discovered by Lincoln Ellsworth on his trans-Antarctic flight of November 23, 1935. Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names gave the name for First Mate Lauritz Ludvig Martin Liavaag of the M/S Wyatt Earp i 1936. Liavaag (my great grandfather) was also a member of two earlier Antarctic expeditions with Lincoln Ellsworth.

Members of the Ellsworth Expedition (ca 1933)

Behind to the right on the picture below you can see my great grandfather Lauritz Liavaag (Mount Liavaag).
In the front you can see Lincoln Ellsworth (Ellsworth Mountains) in the middle, Sir Hubert Wilkins on his right side, and Jørgen Holmboe (Mount Holmboe) is standing behind them. Bernt Balchen is number three from the left. Captain Bård Holth (Holth Peaks) is standing to the right on the picture.

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