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Message started by Administrator on 05/06/09 at 02:48:18

Title: Semantic web and web 2.0
Post by Administrator on 05/06/09 at 02:48:18
Is social semantic web possible?

Artificial intelligence can not understand the meaning. Semantic web is a project which purpose is to help AI with the meaning of the content of hypertext documents. Metadata is the most common form, but also XML schemes as well as RDF schemes are standardized by W3C. There is also a working group on the so called OWL – ontological web.

Web 2.0 refers to the second generation web services and applications on internet. The term was invented by Tim O’Reilly. Except that more abstract technologies as Google AdSense are included, web 2.0 mostly is aiming to social websites as well as virtual community. It is suppose to create social relations between people in the Cyberspace.

We see that while semantic web technologies goes on the information architecture which suppose to create meaning of the content, web 2.0 is focusing at the content it selves. The challenge is how AI, as searching technology, can understand the meaning in a wiki. How to do search engine optimization in web 2.0?

The answer can be found in socio semantic web, which means that those two technologies can be integrated. The challenge is how AI can understand the meaning in contents, and then generates the essential into XML, RDF as well as OWL schemes.

Anyone who have some good ideas here?


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