To whom it may concern

Ellsworth Trans-Antarctic Flight Expedition (MS Wyatt Earp)

To certify that Liavaag has been in service of the Wyatt Earp expedition

Ellsworth Trans-Antarctic Flight Expedition (7 West 44th Street, New York)

To Whom It May Concern.

This is to certify that Lauritz Liavaag of Aalesund has been in service of the Wyatt Earp A/S Ltd and that the Ellsworth Trans-Antarctic Flight Expedition since the expedition started in June 1933 until its termination in July 1936.

Since February 1935 Mr Liavaag has served as Chief Officer and no one could have rendered better or more willing service. He is an excellent navigator and capable of handling the ship in all circumstances as well as being competent in many other services.

In twenty three years experience with ships and expedition affairs I have never been associated with a man more suitable for such work than Mr Liavaag. He signs off the ships papers only at the termination of the expedition and remains with the Wyatt Earp A/S Ltd as Officer-in-charge of the M/S Wyatt Earp.

I am pleased to recommend Mr Liavaag to any one who may be in a position to make use of his services.

M/S "Wyatt Earp" - Sir Hubert Wilkins, July 25th. 1936.
Mønstringskontoret Aalesund.

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