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The privacy policy explains how collects and uses information about visitors to this website. By using the website and services at, you agree to the processing of your personal information and the use of cookies as set out below.

Morten René Liavaag Strømsborg is responsible for the domain, and for the processing of personal information. It is optional for the visitor to provide personal information. The basis for the processing is the consent of the individual user, unless otherwise specified on the website. The personal information used in email, or when creating a user account, is not shared with outside third parties. operates from Oslo, Norway, and follows Norwegian laws and regulations.


Cookies are small text files the website saves on the user's computer. Some pages on use cookies. This is to ensure that you get the best user experience. Personal information is not stored in those cookies. None of these cookies allow us to link information about your use of the site to you as an individual. use three types of cookies:

  • Session cookie is deleted when the browser session ends. These are used, among other things, to record that a user is on the website and what choices the user makes. Session-dependent cookies are used on the Beta photo galleries, Pac-Man, the YaBB-forum, and LiavaagWiki.
  • Persistent cookie is not deleted when you close your browser, but is automatically deleted after a certain period of time. These are used for authentication, language settings and menu preferences, making future site visits faster and more customized for the user. These are only used when you log in to the forum or the wiki.
  • Third party cookie can be both fixed and session-dependent, and set by services other than the site the user visits. Two examples are YouTube and Vimeo.
Cookies on
Name Where Domain Expires Description
YaBB forum When the browser session ends. Helps identify you to the forum, and keeps you logged in.
LiavaagWiki 30 days Helps identify you to the forum, and keeps you logged in.
Session LiavaagWiki When the browser session ends. Manage sessions.
ls_smartpush LiavaagWiki 60 days Login to the wiki.
mf_testcookie LiavaagWiki When the browser session ends. Prevents future redirects to mobile site.
stopMobileRedirect LiavaagWiki 30 days Prevents future redirects to mobile site.

How to avoid cookies

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. This can be disabled completely or partially, but the user experience and functionality may be reduced. The Norwegian website explains how to accept or reject cookies on different browsers.

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IP adress

An IP address defines as personal information because it can trace back to a particular hardware. The user's IP address, time, and URL are logged for a short period on the servers before the log deletes automatically. IP addresses are not sent to Google Analytics or other web analytics tools.

External providers is not responsible for the content of external sites or from external providers. Read about our approach to external links as well as copyrights.

Privacy Policy