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«Path of Silence» by Jeppe Hein at Kistefos (with Morten René)


Welcome to LiavaagWiki. I am the administrator of this wiki as well as the domain


Morten René Liavaag Strømsborg

Oslo Area, Norway

I am an incurable techno-freak that adore culture. I provides information architecture and semantic web services. My web designs focus on user experience and structured information with easy access for both users and search engines.

Specialities: Information Architecture, Search Engine Optimization, Web Accessibility Initiative, Universal Design, User Experience, Social Media and WordPress.


The University of Oslo (UiO)

  • MSc · Digital Media
  • BSc · Digital Media
  • Ex.phil/ex.fac

Maybe you will like to see my personal alumnus-site at the University of Oslo.

Bachelor of Science | BSc Digital Media

  • EXPHIL03 Examen philosophicum
  • INF1000 Introduction to object-oriented programming
  • INF1040 Digital representation
  • INF1050 Systems development
  • MEVIT1210 Media history and media institutions
  • MEVIT1700 Society and cultural perspectives on digital media
  • MEVIT2110 Media and popular culture
  • MEVIT2500 Multimodal design (web-design)
  • MEVIT2724 Computer games in a media comparative perspective
  • RINF1100 Freedom of speech, media- and web regulation
  • RINF1200 Copyrights and related rights
  • ECON1810 Strategy and management of organizations
  • EXFAC96H Examen facultatum, humaniora
  • FIL1002 Introduction to epistemology and philosophy of science
  • FIL1003 Ethics
  • FIL1005 Introduction to the history of philosophy to the 19th century
  • HUMIT1730MN Hypermedia
  • HUMIT1750 Logic and computability
  • INF3210 Information design
  • MAT1030 Discrete mathematics

Master of Science | MSc Digital Media

  • INF5210 Information infrastructure
  • INF5220 Qualitative research methods
  • INF5270 Design of interactive websites
  • INF5550 Introduction course for master students
  • INF5721 Design in system development
  • MEVIT4630 Digital media: Construction and interpretation
  • DIG5960 Master Digital Media

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