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«The path to silence» by Jeppe Hein at Kistefos (with Morten René taking the photo)

«The Ball» by Ilya Kabakov - Kistefos

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Liavaag.org is a privately run website that focuses on entertaining and qualitative content that should be easily accessible. In order for it to be easily accessible, the website is therefore based on technologies that support semantic web, search engine optimization (SEO) and web accessibility initiative (WAI) as well as universal design and ISO/IEC 40500. Furthermore, there is of course support for all types of devices from handheld mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and desktops.

LiavaagWiki is based on a culture of sharing and user-generated content. Currently there are 71 articles on the wiki. The term Web 2.0 is often used synonymously with social websites, social networks, social media and online communities. The wiki works as a kind of beta project, so neither the wiki nor the discussion forums on LiavaagWiki are open. This is due to very high traffic, therefore vandalism and spam is a problem. Scroll down and visit the Web 2.0 forum or simply the contact page to get in touch. So in other word the discussion forum on this wiki is closed due to the traffic. Instead of spending time repairing after vandals and hackers, the time is allocated to new projects.

About me

Here you can read more about User:Administrator and my work. I have an MSc degree at the University of Oslo, previously ran a small company, and have several board positions. As it appears from the site in general, I am a programmer/systems developer who loves culture. Must add entertainment too...

Here you will find contact information about me: Get in touch

Web 2.0

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