My grandparents at their new home Str#246;msby My mother and father
The picture over is my grandparents and my father celebrating their new home Strömsby in Kirkebygda. The picture below shows my parents skiing many years ago.

About Stroemsborg

Family history and genealogy

Here is the story of Morten René's family relations in Enebakk with background information and genealogy about Stroemsborg (Strømsborg).

When Norway still was under Danish rule (before 1814), the Collett family had an estate in Enebakk which was the largest estate in Norway. Collett's famous parties at this estate was dubbed by Henrik Wergeland as Collett's Hermitage (his sister Camilla married Peter Jonas Collett). Main business in Enebakk was timber. Another famous owner of an estate and a match factory as well (timber industry) - was Joelsen. He was the father of the writer Ragnhild Joelsen. Anyway, probably because of the available jobs at the match factory at the estate Ekeberg (1866-86), my great-grandparents on my father's side, Rebekka Johannesd and Ole Julius Svendsen [Dammyra], moved to Enebakk. They took the name Stroemsborg when they settled down in Ekebergdalen (in Kirkebygda, Enebakk). The match factory burned down, Enebakk's dream of railway went up in smoke, and Julius start working in oil refinery at Steilene, Oslofjorden.

My great-grandparents had seven children between 1883 and 1900. The youngest of those was my grandfather Arne Fritjof Stroemsborg, who married my grandmother Gunda Johansen. She was the daughter of Bertha and Petter Johansen from Skura. Some of her relatives moved to America. My grandparents had five children, the youngest was my father Bjorn Harald. Because that my grandfather and my father both were the youngest of a large family, some of my eldest cousins are in the same age as my parents. When my father was a young boy, he floated timber during the summer holidays in Ekebergdalen. When he got older, he fell in love with the daughter of the "American" in the village, whom is my mother Betsy, better known as Elizabeth Georgette. Her father (the "American") was the founder of the Social Security office in Enebakk.

In the beginning of the 20th century the estate Børter founded a power plant close to Børtervann. My great-grandparents oldest son Johan, began early taking advantage of this when he start using electricity in his general store. Some says that he took advantages in other ways as well! Rumours says that the owner of the general store (Johan) and the owner of the power plant made an agreement: To sell more light bulbs they simply turned up the voltage on the local net and shared the profit. Anyway, my parents moved to Oslo, but some of my cousins and second cousins are still living in Enebakk.

Strømsborg can be written as Strömsborg in Swedish as well as Stroemsborg and The Stream Castle in English. The name probably comes from Sweden.